Promo code winner casino

promo code winner casino

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This serves as a true testament of their astute pricing strategy. Based on that fact, it is safe to say that Questrade is not planning any impending or forthcoming changes to their commission structure.

Well, first off, it encourages new investors to enter a market that was once dominated by people who had a surplus of cash.

Now, with Questrades commissions being dirt cheap, it barely makes a dent. But the idea of paying nothing to start getting your money working for you is fairly enticing.

Questrade was the first brokerage to offer something like this. But these are only the basic commission charges at Questrade.

If you are an active trader, Questrade has constructed custom plans for you to suit your needs and reduce your commissions.

If you are a trader, you have the option to buy one of Questrades advanced commission packages. The package has two different pricing options, fixed or variable.

That being said, these fees unlock the Questrade advanced marketing packages which allow traders to view quotes with no time-delays.

The best part about it, these fees can be fully rebated, meaning you unlock their advanced data packages AND cheaper commissions for essentially no extra cost.

You just have to hit the required minimums that Questrade enforces listed in the table below. At first, these fees may seem a bit on the higher side, but rest assured they are a far cry from the exorbitant commissions that bank customers pay.

This difference of dollars per trade adds up tremendously over time, ultimately leaving substantially less profits for you.

And finally, an incentive for investors that already have an account with other brokerages, Questrade is willing to cover your transfer out fee that your current financial institution will charge.

The battlefield is littered with solutions some complicated and some with mangled interfaces that ultimately cause the user a lot of agony and frustration.

No matter how low the fees, if the user does not receive a good experience, they will throw in their gauntlet and switch to a more user-friendly option.

Thus, it is imperative in this Questrade review that we look over the interfaces offered at a granular level. Do some research, and find when exactly these reviews were published.

Like any other intelligent company, Questrade took advantage of this situation. The moves on the chess board had already been used.

In other words, the knowledge base of what does or does not work was already out there, and Questrade used that knowledge to then build a platform that was better than anything available in the market.

Similarly, the same way Facebook improved upon what MySpace had to offer and took over the entire market. Questrade evolved and created an outstanding investment platform and topped it off with low fees.

Nowadays, Questrade offers three different trading platforms, that together form the Questrade Suite.

All three of these platforms are enormously didactic, built for only one objective, and that is to provide a great user experience. One of the best features of this suite is the seamless and frictionless ability.

One can start a transaction with Questrade on their laptop and then transfer it to their mobile phone, an extremely useful feature for those who use complex trading strategies or are always on the go.

Individually, each platform serves a different purpose. To qualify the features of each, we will use different parameters, which are:.

How fast and easy is the installation of the platform? What functionalities are available when it comes to performing the core tasks associated with trading, mainly placing orders and information access.

What operating systems and devices does the interface support? Can the interface be customized to the needs of each individual trader? Questrade Trading is one of Questrades most popular platforms, mostly due to its ease of use.

It is the default platform that all US and Canadian customers receive. Questrade makes the user face clean and extremely easy to use.

On a whole, however, Questrade has built the platform with a lot of care and thought, and is ages ahead of anything else out there. Keep in mind that if you are running a Linux system, this will be your choice of platform.

No software installation is required because the interface is web based, in other words, it will run through your browser. For us, the platform works without any hiccups in Google Chrome and Firefox.

It ran amazingly fast on every single one of them with zero issues. Their desktop platform is perfect for people simply buying and holding stocks, maybe looking to do a bit of analysis.

Questrade offers basic and advanced fundamental and technical indicators with a few clicks of your mouse. For the average investor, Questrades web browser is more than what is necessary.

For instance, one can use advanced charting that includes 31 optional indicators and 5 drawing tools. Also, it is easy to check multiple things at the same time, be it your balance or trading history, all in a couple of clicks and a few seconds.

There are a number of tools that Questrade offers for fundamental and technical analysis, but in some cases, the data-feed can be delayed by 15 minutes.

To make the user aware of such a delay, a small clock icon will appear at the corner of the screen. Most investors want to check their balance and make a couple of trades here and there.

If you do not fall in this category, and aim to follow stocks at the same time and make numerous trades, the platform would be useless. In such a case, we would recommend that you use the Questrade IQ Edge Platform, which will be discussed next.

If you have previously searched for a stock, Questrade will remember your search history and have the stock available for purchase with one click.

A web based platform will work on all and any device, given the device has a web browser. This is particularly convenient for those who use unorthodox operating systems, such as Linux, because they do not have to worry about compatibility with their operating system.

As long as you have an internet connection and a web browser, you are good to go with Questrade. Traders can set a home screen, which will appear whenever you log in.

It can be the trading screen, or the account balance screen, whatever you want to see first. Like we mentioned above, Questrade also has a gadgets feature.

You can play around with these in terms of position on the screen, size, etc. Questrades IQ Edge platform, in our opinion, is the best trading platform available on the internet today.

As you can see from the picture above, there is a TON of functionality with this program. For us to explain it all would be impossible.

But we will do our best to highlight the main features, and let you do the experimenting after. How does this benefit an active trader?

Well, instead of having to switch back and forth from individual stocks in all of these applications, you can simply duplicate the workspace, change the stock, and then seamlessly click back and forth from each.

Questrades IQ Edge platform works on almost all devices, and installation is super easy. Installation on most platforms, including Windows 10 and Mac, is a breeze.

It is safe to assume that the best builders were employed to create Questrades IQ Edge platform because it functions smoothly, without any crashes or problems.

From there, simply click IQ Edge like displayed in the image above. Such a move will give users access to research on thousands of companies in the US and Canada across multiple categories.

Also, as opposed to the web platform, there is no delay when it comes to level 2 data. Traders can place orders from the level 2 window, which acts as an advantage in terms of speed and convenience, allowing traders to take advantage of market opportunities.

Questrade level 1 data is 15 minutes delayed, so traders can gain a huge edge by purchasing access and maybe being refunded! On top of that, there is no need to change screens for order confirmation, leading to further time savings.

Questrades level 2 features gives you live access to pricing data and more. As we mentioned that it is useful for more advanced traders, Questrade offers advanced entry options such as conditional orders, bracket orders, or multi-leg option strategies.

In fact, if options are what you want to trade, Questrade has pre-installed option trading layouts available to you. There are hotkeys for faster navigation, and one can set default order values for stocks and options together with order parameters such as order type, duration, and route.

As mentioned before, Questrade offers this as a desktop based platform and will run only on Windows and Mac devices.

You will get the same experience no matter what OS you use. But this cannot be used on your mobile.

As soon as you log in, you would notice that the platform is feature rich. Much more so than the Questrade IQ Web.

As we have shown in the introduction picture, the features are endless. Questrade makes these options available for both US and Canadian stocks.

Unlimited workspace allows for unlimited windows, or gadgets, which is highly suitable for trading. For a little personality, users can even change the color to blue or light blue themes as well as changing the background and text colour within their stock quotes.

Most of us live our lives as hustlers, always on the go and looking to get as much done as possible. This is even truer for those who trade for a living.

Questrade identifies this need and caters to it with its mobile app. Installation is straightforward, same as any other app on your phone.

In terms of functionality, the Questrade mobile app can feel a bit sluggish at times. Some highlights from the Questrade mobile platform.

Here we can see the watch list, quotes, and general stock market news. Still, Questrade is trying to appeal to traders by including some technical indicators in their stock quote search.

The mobile application as you can see above has the same look and feel of Questrades browser enabled platform. This was a huge plus for us as we feel the color scheme and layout allows for ease of use and is easy on the eyes, unlike the dark yet customizable Questrade IQ Edge.

Look up news about specific stocks and option prices in the tap of a button. The Questrade mobile app is not an ideal tool for a day trader who wants to cover all bases when making an important investment decision.

But given the small screen size, the Questrade mobile app delivers as much as possible, such as technical indicators when looking up quotes.

Navigation is easy when it comes to buying and selling for both stocks and options, with just a couple of taps.

Such features are often more than enough for the average investor. Things like transferring funds, excising an option or viewing a statement are only a few clicks away.

Furthermore, users can also transfer money between Questrade accounts, as well as exchange funds. Finally, functionalities such as multiple order types, studies and drawings, and super-fast trade executions are also available.

The mobile platform is built for the phone and other handheld mobile devices, and that is where its use ends. There is obviously limited real-estate on a mobile screen.

Not many options when it comes to customizing the app. There are quite a few Questrade reviews out there that bash the brokerages customer service.

However, most of these complaints are old. There was indeed a time when Questrade struggled mightily on the customer service side.

But they did what they do best and listened to their customers. In the time since most of the negative reviews, Questrade has evolved and improved its customer service by leaps and bounds.

Questrade has done whatever possible to provide users with a great experience. Also, with a great FAQ section and an intuitive interface, Questrade customers hardly need to call their service reps, unless of course you are dealing with a locked account because of mistyping the login credentials more than once.

Another great source to look for more information is the Questrade forums, this is where other confused users post their questions and share knowledge.

Still, we would want to take an objective approach and evaluate their services. Almost everyone on this planet will agree that when it comes to customer service, speed, adeptness of staff, and politeness are of critical importance.

You can choose two options to communicate with Questrade customer service, either live chat or phone.

With live chat, the wait times are almost non-existent. And the best part about it? No looking for the customer service section or scrambling to find an e-mail.

It just sits in the bottom corner of your browser. Moreover, the option provides the benefit of not having to dial numbers.

Just click to open the chat window and type your question. Phone call waiting times with Questrade will definitely be longer, but not by a large margin.

Questrade customer service reps are also very well-trained, which translates to a polite and friendly user experience, along with ability to answer compilated questions.

In fact, the customer service is so good that most users will believe that they are getting privileged treatment.

The brokerage industry is competitive, highly competitive! Like any other sector with fierce rivalry, it is not enough to just get the job done.

A company that goes above and beyond the call of duty is appreciated and respected. Ultimately, it leads to the increased value for the customer.

Questrade is one such company that strives to exceed expectations, and the additional features just accentuate all the benefits that are already offered.

The best part is that Questrade offers these features at no additional cost. Questrades forums are a great way to introduce yourself to the community and get investing and platform related advice.

One of the most daunting tasks for a new trader is to decode all the nuances associated with trading and investing, especially if you are pursuing on your own.

Even the most accomplished investors in the world such as Warren Buffett and David Abrams work with trusted teams and advisors.

Unlike many other forums on the internet, The Exchange seems to be active. In fact, we were surprised by the activity on it as we had expected it to be a tundra, devoid of any signs of life.

We highly encourage users to participate in Questrades forum as it is a fun way to learn, participate in polls and contests and most importantly, meet like-minded people who can help build knowledge and share experiences.

Questrade has a bunch of webinars that are completely free to view. We highly encourage users both new and seasoned alike, to continuously educate themselves as good education is paramount in the makings of a good investor.

However, what the learning platform lacks in quantity it very much makes up for in quality. Viewing these webinars would allow you to build a customized trading strategy, give you knowledge on how to maximize profits and equip you with the tools needed to save on fees etc.

And the best part is that all this is free. Questrade has made all of these free to access. Although not updated very frequently, Questrades blog provides solid information.

Almost everyone on this planet is guilty of shying away from the task of learning to use a new interface on an app or software.

Such fears are exacerbated on stock trading platforms with number and graphs flashing everywhere. To ease the pain, Questrade offers many options.

The easiest is the personal live demo, wherein traders will be taken through all the features of the platform by a specialist and registered for the day free trial.

Another option for all those who live in Toronto is to visit the Questrade Live Learning Center, where you will find platform specialists serving up free trial accounts and live platform seminars.

The blog for Questrade, in our opinion, needs more work. Reaching the heights of financial wizardry requires one to be exhaustive and meticulous with their research.

It is the only way you will be successful when it comes to self directed investment. Questrades Intraday trader is perfect for traders who want technical tips for hot stocks on all the indexes.

You can probably tell from the name, but this research tool is more directed at traders. Intraday Trader is a technical analyzer that watches all of your favorite indexes and provides updates and alerts on certain triggers.

You can use Questrades preset lists, or you can insert your own stocks or indexes to follow. What it will do is alert you when a potential profitable trading opportunity has arisen.

It is obviously up to you to decide if you want to take advantage of it or not. Make your triggers as simple or as complicated as you wish, and the program is extremely fun to tinker with.

Market research is a one stop tool when you need to find out anything about a stock or industry. Market Intelligence is essentially a central hub that contains access to a TON of information all around the world.

Morningstar provides the data as we mentioned earlier in this review. Looking up earnings reports on specific companies or even complete sectors is now a breeze.

Questrades mutual fund centre is an amazing place to access all things mutual funds. A tool made specifically for Questrade mutual fund aficionados, allows them to compare funds against a benchmark and is loaded with reports, earnings, news, customizable and pre-set watch lists, filters and screeners.

Following that, when an investor has to make a trade, he can do so directly from the Questrade mutual fund center.

As of now, the data pertains to Canadian mutual funds only. Questrade keeps very tidy records of your portfolio performance and current holdings.

Some of us live a fast-paced life and do not have the time to keep track of all our activities. The same applies to trading.

This is where MyQuestrade comes in. Looking to have access to everything you need on a single page? Questrade takes care of that. It truly has everything.

For privacy reasons I have blurred out the dollar figures, but as you can see above, Questrade keeps track of all my holdings and returns.

Questrades reports are second to none. Ease of use and the ability to quickly navigate between accounts and transactions makes them the best. The record keeping mechanism of a Questrade trading account obviates the need to track your activities.

I feel that Questrade really excels in this department. Tax slips are simply uploaded to your account history and are available for download. Opening Day May 25th Loading..

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